covid-19 Risk

As you have not agreed to our terms regarding Covid 19, please do not attend our bootfair.

We are simply asking you to protect yourselves and others in these unprecedented times.


Important information regarding COVID-19

We are not in normal times, as an outdoor market we can open but we have some rules which we need you to understand and must adhere to otherwise we will shut down, I am sure you would not want this to happen. If you are planning to attend our boot fair, either as a seller or buyer we need you to be safe to yourselves and others.

We will be spreading things out in order to create a safer environment.

  1. Please keep a safe distance (2 metres) from others. Do not handle goods unnecessarily, simply ask the seller, as a buyer please respect the sellers space and safety.
  2. Please do not leave any litter (including gloves and masks) on the site, this could potentially be a safety risk, take all your rubbish and unsold goods home with you and dispose of safely.
  3. Please ensure you have the correct money either as a seller or public entrance fee (we are sure you can have 50p ready when attending as public).