Hayes Street Farm Boot Fair Prices

Hayes Street Farm Boot Fair prices




Any regular sized car with normal boot fair pitch size.



Car with Trailer

There is an extra charge for a car with an additional trailer 


From £16


Vans will be charge from £16, we have the discretion to set this price based on size and pitch area occupied.


Cars, Motor Car, Motor Cycle  


Motor Car with three wheels or Taxi, Multi-Purpose vehicle, Motor Cycles and Motor Cycles with side car with occupants selling from a pitch.  

A car is also defined as someone ‘dropping off’ items, then removing the vehicle from the field and selling from a table.


Small to Medium + Commercial Vehicle

These include ‘Escort Van’ types, Standard Height and Wheelbase ‘Transit’ types, ‘Sign written’ vehicles, Cars Towing a Caravan or large commercial trailer, Commercial Vehicle derived recreational vehicle (Camping Van/ Caravanette). 

Vans that simply ‘drop off’ items, which are followed by removing the vehicle itself from the field and selling from a table will need to pay the respective price.

From £15

Large Commercial Vehicle

Non-standard height and Wheelbase Transit types, Sprinter Types, Luton Types. ( additional costs may apply at the discretion of the organisers).

From £18

Excessive Area, Size of Plot/Pitch

It will not be acceptable to use of the pitch ‘above and beyond reasonable limits’. The ‘Boot Sale’ is not a market and allocation of a ‘pitch’ (sales area) is given by stewards considering enough space around a vehicle for acceptable use for a ‘boot sale’. This space is not sold per square metre. Excessive use of pitches will be charged as an additional pitch. The licence that is used as a guide in governing the running of a ‘Boot Sale’ makes clear comment about ‘market stall’ type pitches and it is discouraged. The license referred to is the ‘Boot fair occasional sale licence’. The details of this can be found at the London Borough of Bromley website.

Public Entry

There is an entrance charge of 50 pence per person.

Staff will be around on the day should you need assistance.

Buyers; please do not park outside the farm. There is ample parking within the farms property, closer to the boot fair, upon arrival you will be directed where to park by the boot fair staff.

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